Our First Post!

If you’re seeing this post, it is probably because you or someone around you is having some serious issues with excessive sweating.

Worst to Best Antiperspirants

We have now created a website about sweating and mostly helping people to cope with hyperhidrosis. This excessive sweating condition affects around 500 million people. Hyperhidrosis can mean that one can even sweat during cold!

As stated on the side, this is a non-profit website simply to help people who suffer from that condition.

In our Contact Us page, we have a section where it says ‘Talk to People With Problems’ meaning that you can talk about your problems with someone with similar problems and possibly connect. Once, we have had two people ending up dating through that contact!

Also, when you email that directory, you can talk to our doctor who specializes in dermatology, based in Pennsylvania. He likes to describe himself as a ‘doctor with a lot of free time’. He will be answering your emails concerning issues with hyperhidrosis. However, at the end of the day, he is a doctor and he has no official contract with us. Therefore, it may take up to several days before he responds to your email. It is free though!

If you have conquered excessive sweating, meaning permanently cured it, please let us know your stories in our forum. We would like to have you on-board, spreading your message on how you managed to stop excessive sweating. We are very much open to new ideas on tackling this matter. The founder of this website, who is a professor at a university based in the UK, managed to cure his hyperhidrosis by using possibly the best antiperspirant ever made by man.

In my honest opinion, I thought that it was pretty silly of him to think that he could get rid of hyperhidrosis by using some antiperspirant. This was because antiperspirants are supposed to be short term treatment. Nevertheless, he did it! Do have a read all about it in the main page.

About the Author: Stanley Ashton Okonoma