About Me

Hi Everyone!

Who I am

My name is Costas Cavounidis. A very white name, I know. This is why I have decided to look into ways to fight overly sweaty people!

Too many people have hyperhidrosis. Did you know that more than half a billion people on Earth suffer from this annoying sweating condition? Hereby, I have finally decided to step forward and make suggestions for those people.

Besides sweaty people tend to smell the worse. As a hygiene freak, I was never really fond of people with too much body odor. In many ways, this little project of mine is for never having smelly people on this planet!

I have already found the best antiperspirant. I hope people listen to what I really have to say about it and appreciate my help. I have spent way too much money buying different products and testing them myself. The one I recommend is the one that everyone with the condition should have all the time.

I am a professor at Warwick University in the UK. However, I live in a small village Pennsylvania.