Hunting For The Best Antiperspirant Ever

Finding the Perfect Antiperspirant

Using deodorants is great, it smells nice and does the job with preventing one from sweating! However, it only lasts for less than a day and it could cause irritation on your skin after a while. So, I have spent some time looking for something that would last longer – much longer in fact. Something that’s easy to use and lasts for much longer than a day with a lasting effect of course…

I’ll just give it away, I’m sure a lot of you reading this would have heard of it by now anyway. The name of this product goes by Sweatblock or some would spell it ‘Sweat Block’. Essentially, it’s a package of wet wipes which are previously soaked in this secret chemical solution that prevents skin from producing sweat upon usage.

I found a great place where it gives you the most honest Sweatblock reviews. Do have a read through this link, it could really be the best antiperspirant for you!

best antiperspirant for excessive sweating

My Family’s Sweatblock Reviews

I have three generations of family with serious hyperhidrosis issues.  Not a single one of my children has a normal sweating pattern. I believe it’s just the nature of genes and a bit of bad luck. It really is absolutely ridiculous. The only thing that works is this treatment called iontophoresis

In the summer especially, for every photo we take as a family we would all have the same sweat patches on our clothes. All of us! My youngest daughter came home upset once when she was 12, I found out that she was made fun of for her excessive perspiration. It was truly heart-breaking in a way…

Since that day onwards, I made it my duty to find the best antiperspirant for excessive sweating or any kind of solution to this problem.

Before researching and going through products, I tried doing the ‘natural remedies’ found online. Henceforth, I went through YouTube and read blogs after blogs about this home DIY remedy. One suggestion came from a forum in Reddit and that was using apple cider vinegar for underarm sweating. It was under the misspelt title, ‘Best anti perspirant’ which did give me a good laugh.

This so called natural remedy was totally atrocious. It suggested rubbing baking soda on the parts of the body where you have the hyperhidrosis and washing that off with apple cider vinegar and leaving it there for overnight.

Personally, I just hate the smell of vinegar, especially when I am trying to sleep. It jabs your nose with the sharp tangy smell of vinegar, and simply will not let you fall asleep in peace… Of course, the result of it was completely pathetic. Nothing changed, and I felt really bad for suggesting all my family should do the same – which they did!

Further Experience & Review of The Best Antiperspirant

I gave this natural remedy thing just one more chance before I set sail. I read this suggestion from a forum somewhere on the internet. It was called ‘Natural Remedies for Excessive Sweating Underarms’. My hyperhidrosis was worse in my armpits, so I hoped for the best and went with it. Let’s not even talk about what happened or what I did…

sweatblock reviews

After I lost faith with all the home remedy solution to my family’s excessive sweating problem, I then began my journey of finding the best antiperspirant for hyperhidrosis or any kind of product for that matter. I went through so many… there must’ve been more than 30 different products and over 200 dollars went into the little project of mine.

Then I found Sweatblock of course. I actually found it in one of the comments under a relevant YouTube video – it said, “does sweat block work?” and the description tag did claim that it was the best clinical strength antiperspirant. Regardless of that spelling, it does work, and it was exactly what I was after: long lasting with the same powerful effect over the course of its duration. It lasts for a week! A week without sweating!

I asked each member of my family to give me short and humble reviews for Sweatblock. So here are the Sweatblock reviews from my family:

Pippa (Wife): “These sweat block pads… Really affordable and highly effective”

Picture of My Family

Theo (Eldest Son): “It’s pretty calm, pretty calm indeed”

Jess (Second Daughter): “It lasts for more than week for me and there are 25 wipes in a large pack, so roughly two packs per year. That’s only 30 dollars for a sweat-free year!”

Ari (Youngest Daughter): “I only just managed to start using this before my first prom. I think it saved me a lot of trouble.”

My review would obviously be that it is simply the best antiperspirant. It probably is the strongest antiperspirant on the market. Believe me, I am not advertising or even trying to sell this product. I have no partnership with this company to begin with. Just an honest opinion from a sweaty person.

This really is the best antiperspirant for hands, feet, armpits, face etc. Just any part of the skin where it sweats really! There are 10 Sweatblock wipes for every small box and it lasts for ages.

Best Deodorant for Hyperhidrosis?

Let’s not leave out deodorants in this subject though. Like I have mentioned previously, the disadvantage of these things is that they give you irritation and its pretty costly considering how fast it runs out. Also it only lasts for a day per usage. Every deodorant on the market today, or at least the ones I have tried, they tend to show the same results with varying in different scents. Scents are definitely good, I’m definitely not suggesting that they are bad but that could be properly dealt with using a good cologne.

In conclusion, I don’t think that there is such thing as “The Best Deodorant for Hyperhidrosis” – it just doesn’t quite make sense in my opinion.

Where Can I Buy Sweatblock?

In that first link I made in this blog, or just go to this website:

Shows very effective medical treatments for hyperhidrosis too!

It’s the same website as on the link. You can purchase this thing from amazon but it’s just that this site has some sort of association with the company and gives you discount upon purchase, which is again convenient because I always get them in bundles.

Plus, there is a full review in that website and it gives you some background information on what is hyperhidrosis and other stuff. I read the bit about the medical procedures to treat excessive sweating on that website and it was pretty interesting.

If you want to ask me for more information on products against excessive sweating, go to Contact Us page and let me know! I am very sure that I can sort it out for you.